Sarah Austin

Sarah is a lifelong adventurer, a lover of language, translation, and observing how humans do (and don't) communicate successfully with each other. Having lived in several states, a few countries, and on boats traversing a lovely variety of oceans, seas, and lakes, she appreciates the natural beauty, creative vitality, and engaged community here in midcoast Maine. 


Professionally, Sarah is a graphic designer who works remotely for a screen printing company based in Colorado. She spent almost a decade as a mariner on traditional sailboats conducting educational programs, has gotten well dusted with powdered sugar while decorating fancy wedding cakes in the family bakery, and sells vintage art and housewares at pop-up markets. She is a proud volunteer serving as chairperson of the Rockland Parks & Recreation Committee, is on the board of One Less Worry, and loves to get her hands in the dirt at the Rockland Community Farm. Previous projects have found her working with organizations focused on women's reproductive rights, community gardens, and experiential education. 


What ties all those things together? A great story! A salty yarn of faraway lands spun on the quarterdeck of a gently swaying ship at anchor. Translating the sweet details of a couple's history into an edible dessert celebration. Sharing a laugh-til-you-cry tale while plinking seeds into a new furrow. Weaving the past and future story of a community by fostering parks, gardens, and other shared spaces where we can gather together. To that end, Sarah was delighted to join the planning committee of Midcoast Women in 2019 to help amplify the diverse stories of the women living among us. 


Also loves cats.