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Are you a storyteller? Do you have a story you want to tell?


We are interested in making our website a resource for crafting stories that express who you are or tell something of what you are about. We want to help women find and strengthen their voices.


Do you have a resource that we need to know about? 

We are always open to suggestions!

Crafting Your Story

A set a guidelines we offer to prospective Collective Voices storytellers. It covers the basics of crafting a great story for one of our programs.

The Heroine's Journey:

Map and Journal

The Heroine's Journey Map and Journal was created by

Susanna Liller. Midcoast Women has adopted this resource as a great way to engage our storytellers in the process of discovering where each are in their individual journey. The Journal offers prompts that assist in developing compelling stories.


Susanna has twice moderated our programs. For more information about The Heroine's Journey please follow the link:

A Storyteller Preview


Anna Goodale, Kristina Kelly and Anne Williams told their stories of "Stepping Up the the Plate" as part of our Collective Voices storytelling series.


Each was thoughtful, engaging and funny, inspiring everyone to step up in their own lives.


We invite you to listen...

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