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Liz McLeod


Liz McLeod is a fourth-generation native of Midcoast Maine who’s been in show business, in one form or another, for most of her adult life. She spent fifteen years in commercial radio broadcasting, doing everything from acting and production to newsgathering and administration, and also had a hand in the local film exhibition scene from an early age, having been trained as a 35mm projectionist by her uncle in the 1970s at the old Rockland Drive-In. She landed at the Strand Theatre in 2006 where she serves as House Manager and Chief Projectionist.  When not at the theatre, she is known as an author and historian of early American broadcasting, having appeared twice as a guest expert on the PBS-TV series “History Detectives” among other media appearances. Most recently she dusted off her performing skills as producer/writer/host of the biennial radio variety series “The Strand Is On The Air.”

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