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Oceanside High School

Class of 2022


My name is Ruby Jovin, I’m 14 years old, and I’m a freshman at Oceanside High School. I live on an organic livestock and dairy farm, and I am influenced by this first hand experience of how Maine’s agriculture works in our local communities. I was born at home, in a small town in Washington County, moving to Central Maine at 10, and I’m now located in Thomaston. I enjoy reading. This is what you can (almost always) find me doing. I’m on the track team and am also involved in as many theater and musical events as possible.


The future is a scary thing for me to think about. Especially when we get news reports about fires in California, and climate reports saying that in 30 years it isn’t going to look too good. These are things that may not affect us quite as much in Maine...yet. Climate Change is one of the many issues I feel strongly about. As I’m getting older I’m learning and growing from many experiences and what newer issues, such as Climate Change, means to me.

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