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Oceanside High School

Class of 2022


My name is Veronica Kaluta, I’m fourteen years old and I am a freshman at Oceanside High School.  I have been in Maine for about two and a half years now.  I came from a refugee camp in Tanzania along with my family. I was born there, but most of my family members were born in the Congo. My mom lives in Portland with my older siblings, but I live in Thomaston with my brother and his family.


I am very interested in sports and any other physical activities. I like trying and doing new things. When I came here, absolutely everything was new to me and my family. I play soccer, softball, basketball, track, and cross country. I was familiar with soccer from playing at home with my cousins and my brothers, but all the others were new to me.  Of course, if you can run and throw things you can do track and cross country without much training. I have learned how to ski, skate and cross country ski in the past two winters. At first, I didn’t like any of them because it was cold and I was terrible at them.


I like school, and even prefer it to the days when it is cancelled due to snowstorms. I like all my academic classes and enjoy taking gym and art as well. One thing I like about science is getting to know how interesting the world we are in is and the theories of how it formed. I like reading and learning new languages. I love reading because I love enhancing my vocabulary every single time I read. I’d love to learn as many languages as I could. I also like swimming and drawing. I got interested in drawing by watching my older brothers draw. I like trying new foods and learning about different cultures. Someday I hope to be able to travel to different countries around the world.

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